About CDM Media

We are the leading global B2B technology marketing and media firm specializing in C-level engagement with the world’s largest brands.

CDM Media develops, affects and accelerates sales pipelines on an international and domestic basis. Our portfolio spans integrated media, social and mobile strategies and live, virtual and custom events that we produce all over the world for niche communities of C-suite executives and technology solutions providers.

With an extensive global portfolio and strong focus on live CXO summits and think tanks, CDM Media leveraged intelligence from nearly a decade of face-to-face CXO events, rich data on spending priorities and business challenges, and long-term Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and Global 5000 relationships to launch the Virtual CXO Think Tanks platform.

We are equipped to support your specific marketing initiatives to engage sales-hungry CIOs in any of your target verticals. With in-depth access and understanding of IT needs and spend, our team will drive immense value in a short amount of time by delivering the very best opportunities to your sales team for you to see results.